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Emergency School Closings & Early Dismissals

School closings and early dismissal due to bad weather or emergencies will continue to be broadcast on designated radio stations by 6:00 am or as soon as possible after that. Announcements will be made for “Altamont Schools” and will include Altamont Lutheran Interparish School and Altamont Public Schools. Please listen to one of the designated stations for information and do not call the school offices or personnel. Emergency school closings and early dismissals are made considering the health, safety and welfare of students. Designated stations include:

WCRA – Effingham - 1090 AM
WCRA Effingham – 95.7 FM
WCBH – Effingham – 104.3 FM
WKJT – Effingham – 102.3 FM
WPMB – Vandalia – 1500 AM
WKRV – Vandalia 107.1 FM
WXEF – Effingham – 97.9 FM
WLBH – Mattoon – 1170 AM/96.9FM

Announcement for early dismissals will hopefully be made by 11:00 am. Please be alert to changing weather conditions! Normally, at least one – hour advance notice will be given. However, it’s possible that students could be returned home after being at school for only 1 hour. This one-hour would count as a full day of attendance when the dismissal was necessitated by, a change in weather conditions, which occurred approximately 3 hours after the decision was made to have school.

When a decision to close or delay school, or to change a schedule, is known the previous evening. Superintendent Jim Littleford will try to get it announced on television for the 10:00 pm news on the following stations: CH: 3 in Champaign; Ch’s 2 and 10 in Terre Haute and Ch; 17 in Decatur. TV announcements will be in addition to radio announcements.