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The spelling curriculum is a part of the Macmillan McGraw Hill reading program. The curriculum consists of weekly lists of words, each with a specific focus in spelling. For example, the first weeks lessons consist of a list of words with short vowel sounds. Students study the words at school and at home during the week. A goal of spelling is that students will spell words correctly in writing assignments, especially the words that have been studied in the spelling lessons.

Phonics is studied with the Saxon program. Students study sounds that letters make in words and learn how to code words according to the:

1. vowel sounds

2. consonant sounds (j/g, s/c, c/k etc.)

3. word endings (final stable syllables, suffixes)

4. syllable division

5. accented syllable

Rules for the pronunciation of words and for the spelling of words are included in the program. The words studied are used in the context of sentences and stories on the phonics worksheets.