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Physical Education

During the Physical Education the students will participate in a number of activities involved with physical fitness.  Students will be graded on four categories. Dress will account for 50% of the overall class grade. Students will receive three points a day for dressing out. One point for shirt, one point for shorts, and one point for shoes, a student that is missing his or her shoes, he or she will take a zero for the day. If there is a persistent problem with forgetting items, the parents will be notified. All PE uniforms must have names in the proper places. The first name should be on the box in front, last name in the middle of the back of the shirt, and the last name should be in the yellow box on the shorts.  Students must tuck in the shirt and may not roll the waistband of the shorts. Students must wear their own PE uniforms. Physical skills, written test scores, and effort are each worth 10% of the overall grade. All skills tests are graded both upon the national standards and improvement throughout the year. Written tests are based upon the terminology, rules, strategy, and history of the games played in class. Lastly, effort will be a grade that the teacher will objectively grade the students on.  If the student works hard, does not give up on him/herself, and continually tries to be an active part of the activity, the student will easily achieve all points from the effort category.