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For U. S. History the eighth grade will be using The American Journey textbook by Glencoe.  It is my goal to inform the students about the events and people that molded our countries history.  Some supplemental texts will be use to support the information given in the textbook. Throughout the year I will be incorporating many different types of media into the classroom including: music, video, and internet resources. 

Students will be given reading assignments on a regular basis (usually 1-2 sections).  Students will be given a mixture of assignments such as: worksheets, mini-projects (short reports or presentations) and large projects (term paper, group presentations, and individualized projects). Students are expected to have material read and all assigned work completed before class begins on the day in which they are due.  In all of my classes the amount of assigned work is reflective of class involvement in daily discussion.  From time to time the students will be quizzed over the reading material.  A test will be given at the end most chapters.  All large projects will be announced to the parents with information such as, what is expected of the student, when the project is due, and how it will be graded.